The Competition

An old Apple computer walks into a bar...

...the bartender looks up and says "Hi, Lisa!"

Ok, so telling funny jokes is sometimes hard. However, as difficult as it is for us humans to tell side-splitting jokes, it's even harder for computers. You see, while we have a wide vocabulary to use in the name of humor, computers don't understand words - only 1's and 0's. They can't grasp the nuances of a pun, the subtlety of double entendres, or the situational humor of irony, unless a programmer first tells them how.

This is where you come in.

You, as the programmer, can teach computers how to tell funny jokes through programming, and our Funniest Computer Ever competition will act as an incentive to do so. It'll also allow you to judge just how funny your program is compared to programs written by your peers.

To be genuinely funny, your program can't just go through a jokebook (or joke database) and pick random one-liners. The competition is structured to ensure the program you write has a genuine funny-bone by interacting dynamically with human judges.

The first few competitions will undoubtedly have some programs that are as funny as debugging a 1 million line program, but don't despair! Improvement is often incremental, and while the last-program-standing by the end of this year's competition may not cause anyone to slap their knee, with your participation we're sure to have a computer program that is funnier than one of the best human stand-up comics by the year 2020!

What are you waiting for? Read the competition rules and get programming!