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Redesign Plan

Team Awesome proposes to develop and redesign an existing website for the client, Dr. Sam Joseph. The website will act as the advertisement and information hub for the annual “Funniest Computer Ever” competition the client is hosting. The competition involves computer programs that tell jokes and perform stand-up comedy. The website will require informative pages related to the competition including updates on the status of the competition, as well as an area where users can submit their programs to be judged.

On a technical level, this project will involve using Google’s CMS, Google Sites, to develop the website. Manual or WYSIWYG editing of HTML and CSS are expected to be a significant portion of this project. Additionally, appropriate graphical and textual content must be found or created for this website. Collaboration and communication tools such as Skype and Blackboard may also be used during development.

Expected first steps will focus on the goal of developing a workable rough draft of the initial website requirements. These requirements will be obtained through interviewing the client and asking specific questions regarding the purpose and intent of the website as well as the required information and details about the expected user experience. Once the draft is in place, design and development will begin using an iterative process such as a smaller-scale Scrum methodology. Obtaining these requirements is expected to go smoothly.