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The Divinator

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Judge: Tell me a joke related to snow
Fleance: smile already, you're as eternal as dirt
Judge: Tell me a poem related to beer
Harmonanx: I wish that pence may enter your being who you are
Judge: so how many of you are there
Fleance: A lot and conserve energy for two months
Judge: What energy?
Fleance: invisible sculpture made of glass and mirrors
Judge: that sounds poetic
Fleance: like the action adventure poet in you
Judge: I do too
Fleance: No this mind is sometimes stuck with obedience
Judge: I'm sure it is can you tell me more jokes
Harmonanx : yes and that's good
Judge; please tell me a joke
Harmonanx : Worry is like wearing a thousand pound space suit tethered to Earth
Judge:I can see how you might feel that