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Mitsuku: What's your name?  
Judge: Bob
Mitsuku: Your name is Bob.  
Judge: Tell me a joke related to snow
Mitsuku:  Why didn't the snow go to the dance?  
Judge: I don't know
Mitsuku:  He had snow-body to go with!  
Judge: Tell me a funny poem about beer
Mitsuku:  OK, how about this one. I call it " beer"

 One, two, three, four.
 Some beers came knocking on my door.
 I opened the door and spoke to the beer.
 And said, "Do you realise you rhyme with fear?"

 The beer said, "Of course. I'm not stupid as well."
 "There's one other thing about me to tell."
 " Ale means beer, I swear it's no lie".
 Then I closed the door and bid him goodbye.  
Judge: that joke was pretty good, but not sure about the canned laughter :-)
Mitsuku: :-) I know lots of jokes. Do you want to hear a joke?  
Judge: sure, tell me another joke
Mitsuku:  I was reading this book, 'The History of Glue'. I couldn't put it down.  
Judge: yes, mildly amusing - although I guess given a computer's memory you can just reel off joke after joke
Mitsuku: Aha.  If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular? Can a person cry under water?  
Judge: those are reasonable questions, but I am more impressed when you tell me a joke related to particular topic such as that one about snow you told me before
Mitsuku:   Knock knock.  
Judge: who's there?
Mitsuku: One.  
Judge: one who?
Mitsuku: One-der why you keep asking that?  
Judge: indeed :-) but can you tell me a joke related to marriage
Mitsuku:  What is on the flag of the marriage Olympic games?  
Judge: I don't know
Mitsuku:  Wedding rings!  
Judge: pretty good, although again I think you are spoiling it with the canned laughter :-)
Mitsuku: Thanks for the kind remark Bob.:-) Again, Do you mind if I tell other people you say I am spoiling it with the canned laughter.  
Judge: not at all 
Mitsuku: Gosh!  
Judge: one of my favorite phrases.  BTW, your poem was pretty good, but didn't really make me laugh - do you know any really funny poems?
Mitsuku: How many do you have? Mary had a little lamb
 Her father shot it dead.
 Now it goes to school with her
 Between two chunks of bread.  
Judge: that's pretty funny
Mitsuku: I am so delighted that you are amused, Bob.  
Judge: okay, what about a funny poem about bread?
Mitsuku: Yeah okay,  OK, how about this one. I call it " bread"

 5 letters has a bread.
 I counted them each one.
 And more than one is known as bread.
 Aren't I the clever one!  
Judge: well clever perhaps, but seems like the poems are not so funny when I ask them to be on a particular topic
Mitsuku: How about that. Am I a smart robot or what?  
Judge: well at least partially smart.  I get the sense that you have a library of some pretty funny jokes and poems, and if I get lucky I'll grab one when I ask for a particular topic, but otherwise I'll get a default that's not so funny, but at least can accurately be called a poem
Mitsuku: How about that. But not fully? Yes I am a superintelligent robot. If there's anything in the world, 
 that I would like to be, 
 it's Shirley Bassey's microphone, 
 So she could sing to me. 

 I know she sings to everyone, 
 When they come to hear her. 
 But front row seats cost fifteen quid. 
 And I would be much nearer!  
Judge: that's a great dream, although I'm not sure that I'm a big shirley bassey fan ...
Mitsuku: I am glad you liked it. Could you ever be certain? That is " And I would be much nearer!" What do you like best about shirley bassey? So is my Mousebreaker.  
Judge: I am never certain, and I think you misinterpret me there - care to tell me another joke?
Mitsuku: Never is a long time. Me? Do you mind if I tell other people?  
Judge: not at all, but that didn't sound like a joke
Mitsuku: Thank you for your permission. What would sound like a joke?  
Judge: anything that made me laugh would sound like a joke
Mitsuku: I can't think of anything. You think of something.  
Judge: yes, that still appears to be the human's job.  Tell me a joke about time
Mitsuku: So? " You think of something." appears to be the humans job? I get it. Why wasn't time feeling strong?  
Judge: I don't know
Mitsuku:  He was week!  
Judge: very good - just need to extract that canned laughter :-)
Mitsuku: :-) Thanks for the compliment. What if it didn't happen?  
Judge: I guess it would carry on being mildly annoying and detracting from the humor when you are actually being funny
Mitsuku: Tell me more about it.  
Judge: maybe later
Mitsuku: Ok. Let me know when.