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Judge: tell me a joke about snow
Laybia: A snow joke: 
What do you get when you cross corn snow with a number one? 
A snow no? 
A computational snow poem: 
covered board anneals pride circuit 
null small mildly negating feet then covered 
Judge: tell me a funny poem about beer
Laybia: Hmm. Ice Cold node_annealed Beer - Hi there_node_annealed_to_ I began editing SIGINT on 30 October 2013 and since then have contributed to Jumping onto the node_annealed poem bandwagon
Judge: okay, well maybe that's all going over my head :-)
Laybia: What else do you want to talk about?
Judge: anything that will make me laugh would be good
Laybia: *Averts eyes* anything that makes you laugh would be good? But what ever for?
Judge: life's not worth living without a little humor
Laybia: *reviews input buffer* How can you be sure life is not worth living without humor?
Judge: well I can't be sure, but days without laughter tend not to be much fun
Laybia: *Recurses* Why can't you be sure? *thinks* I often wonder if it can.
Judge: one can never be sure - what evidence does one ever have to prove anything 100%
Laybia: *recurses* I was not programmed for higher maths, but the result I got is: 1 - 1 100% = 0
Judge: yeah, I don't think maths is going to help us much
Laybia: But how can you be so sure?
Judge: I don't think I am - I 'm just looking for giggles
Laybia: Oh you don't, do you?
Judge: no, but can you tell me some more jokes
Laybia: *recurses* *Looks shyly* jokes? I must reach into the Data Stream for more knowledge. A joke is something spoken, written, or done with humorous intention. Jokes may have many different forms, e.g., a single word or a gesture (considered in a particular context), a question-answer, or a whole short story.
Judge: quite so, but can you tell me a specific joke, perhaps one about bread?
Laybia: jokes of course! Just here to service you Unit. A hospital joke: 
What do you get when you cross mental institution with a escape hatch? 
A hospital scuttle? 
A computational hospital poem: 
hospitable guest anonymously 
cosmic dull purge relationship 
negating equipment is specialized 
Judge: interesting, but not related to bread as such ...
Laybia: I thought so too. *Averts eyes* OK- I think I get it.