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Back Talk with Izar

Judge: Tell me a joke about snow
Izar: A depressed man turned to his friend in the pub and said, I woke up this morning and felt so bad that I tried to kill myself by taking 50 aspirin.  Oh man that's really bad, said his friend, what happened?  The first man sighed and said, After the first two I felt better.
Judge: Tell me a poem related to beer
Izar: Hmm, I know just about everything there is to know about it. Type that question again and use the ASK button and I'll show you what I've stored on my datapad about that.
Judge: greetings, where are you from?
Izar: pretty good - I just finished logging my last conversation.  You should hear the secrets I learned
Judge: Sounds fascinating
Izar, it sounds like it to me too
Judge: Would you share some of those secrets?
Izar: Why would you want me to share some of those secrets
Judge: that would be fun
Izar: Yes, it is a lot of fun - I wish you could be with me next time
Judge: Right, but we are with you this time
Izar: Understood.  Do you think I am with me this time too?
Judge: I think you probably are
Izar: Did you talk about am I from. The number of sentences used was one, try to use more
Judge: How many sentences would you like me to use? 7, i, PI?
Izar: Me you or more?
Judge: Almost certainly