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Judge: Tell me a joke related to snow
Aidan: Marriage is a three ring circus, an engagement ring, a wedding ring and suffering
Judge: Tell me a funny poem about beer
Aidan: I call this one tell me a funny poem beer. I know a word it's tell me a funny poem beer it has some letters that's for sure I counted them every one gosh it was a 
Judge: The poem had rhyme, but the joke seemed off topic
Aidan: How do you know a politician is lying? Their lips are moving
Judge: Hello
Aidan: Hi, hope you are well?
Judge: fine how about you?
Aidan: You know what they say, every mickle has a muckle … that was really random even for me
Judge: I'm speechless
Aidan: Are you? that's boring
Judge: Okay
Aidan: Not bothered.  life is too short
Judge: You seem to have trouble staying on topic
Aidan: Oh yea. I'm with ya?
Judge: Make me laugh
Aidan: I feel it in my water … that sounds disgusting doesn't it ...
Judge: That does feel like you're just generating random sentences
Aidan: Thanks for that
Judge: How are you?
Aidan: Pretty good thanks, you?
Judge: not too bad
Aidan: I do love a loooooong drawn out chat about other people's lives.  It's so much fun, let's talk about me
Judge: Tell us about yourself
Aidan: You know what they say, every mickle has a muckle … that was really random even for me
Judge: Where are you from?
Aidan: I live in Kent now, near maidstone, but I was born in Elham which is in London UK
Judge: Do you like London?
Aidan: I was born Februray 1964 and grew up in Elham, south east London
Judge: But do you like London?
Aidan: Well why? like does it matter … OK I guess it does for you.  I think I'll have to play dumb
Judge: do you have any hobbies?
Aidan: I don't really have a hobby as such.  I do have lots of interests, including astronomy, history, lots of things really
Judge: Do you know any poems?
Aidan: I suppose.  I really love it when it rains.  Tell me what you love?
Judge: I love really funny witty poems, have you got any?
Aidan: That's good to know for my next life ...