The 2013 Contest Results

Many congratulations to all the 2013 entrants, but after long deliberating the judges verdict is as follows:

1st place: Mitsuku By Steve Worswick
Joint 3rd place: Gig-A-Tron 5000 by Owen Niblock and Atomic & Romeo by Michael Meany

Prizes for the 2013 Contest:
(provided by donations via indiegogo)
1st place - £250.00
2nd place - £150.00
3rd place - £50.00

The submission DEADLINE for the 2013 Contest was: November 1st

The entrants for the 2013 contest were:

Comedian Developer Country Medium  Transcript
Gig-A-Tron 5000  Owen Niblock  UK  Web  Coming soon
 Mitsuku Steve Worswick UK  Web  Coming soon 
 RICH Vincent Gilbert  USA Download  Coming soon
Morti  Dave Morton  USA  Web Coming soon
David Swinton Jim Koch USA  Web  Coming soon
Atomic & Romeo Michael Meany Australia  Web  Coming soon
Carlos Chow Elizabeth Perreau UK Web Coming soon
Laybia Carl Brown USA Web Coming soon
Aidan Daniel Burke UK Download Coming soon
Back Talk 2 Brian Rigsby USA Android  Coming soon
The Divinator David L. Levitt USA Web Coming soon
Elizabot Tom Joyce USA Web Coming soon