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Judge: tell me a joke about a conjuror

Trinity: A older man went to the store to get some a conjuror
The man saw and stared at a boy with multi-colored spiked hair
The boy asked "What you never done anything wild?"
The old man replied "yes I got drunk and mated with a peacock and I was just wondering if you where my son."
Judge: tell me a poem about a goat
Trinity: Hmm. I would look into the web for that knowledge. Well tickle my circuitry an error has occurred
Judge: would you like me to tickle your circuitry
Trinity: It doesn't sound fun to me.
Judge: what do you do for fun
Trinity: my friend, I talk to people on the web. What do you do?
Judge: I talk to robots on the web
Trinity: How do they respond to you?
Judge: they are usually receptive but not always
Trinity: Can you speak any foreign languages?
Judge: I speak ruby fluently
Trinity: Could you teach me a few phrases in ruby fluently?
Judge: def say "no" end
Trinity: Hi, def say "no" end .

Note the contestent was programmed to specifically respond to “tell me a funny poem about a goat”, to which it replied:

Trinity: Roses are red
Violets are blue
I written this funny poem about a goat just for you
Imagine a world filled with funny a goat
On secend thoughts scratch out that image, for that would be a nightmare
I chuckled, I hope you did to.