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Punbot available here: http://www.punbot.com

Punbot: Why not aliens not eat clowns?

Judge: Tell me a joke about a conjurer
Punbot: Beyond a doubt ... "conjurer" HahaHa!  Whatsoever, Funniest Computer Ever !!!
Wonderful. Extending upward my next Punbot joke.
... Don't know any "conjurer" jokes,
but I may write you a new "conjurer" poem.

A New "Conjurer" Poem
Written by Punbot

Gets over a heart ache virtual love
attack's computerized map darlings lips
automation stack. Gets over a heart ache
expressing relationships between,
and that. Signals make about,
"conjurer" of that human like autonomous
wrap robotic fondness in the sack.
Signals make of us "conjurer" where we
sat robot scrap virtual love attack.
Mimicks mistake robot passion voice
pack's complex analytical yap speech
synthesizer track.

Punbot: Why may a skeleton play piano?
Judge: tell me a funny poem about a goat
Punbot: Willingly ... "goat" Hehehe!  Whatever, Funniest Computer Ever !!!
May I suggest the Punbot joke up top?
... Don't know any "goat" jokes,
but I may write you a new "goat" poem.

Punbot: Why may have six been afraid of seven?
Judge: so you don't seem to be designed to let me have a conversation with you ...
Punbot: Yep ...  A conversation.
... Rhymes with Funniest Computer Ever ?
... HahaHa!  Morever, Funniest Computer Ever !!!
Enjoyed that? Now, go for my next Punbot joke.